Questions children might have

Why would I go to play therapy?

Playing helps with all sorts of things. All of us have feelings that come and go.  Sometimes we feel excited, sometimes sad, sometimes angry.  When your feelings feel too big and they seem to make things difficult for you, that's when you could come to play therapy.  If you have been feeling angry all the time, or worry about things a lot, or if you feel confused about things that happen, playing can help.

What happens when I am there?

You can play with whatever you like for 50 minutes (nearly an hour). Helen can play with you if you want her to. There will be lots of different things to do like arts and crafts, messy play, dressing up, fidget toys, sand and puppets.  If you prefer talking that's okay, you can do that too.

Do you tell anyone what we do or what I say?

Your parents or carers will want to know how you are doing. I don’t tell anyone what you play or say in the playroom. I do tell your parents or carers how you are getting on by sharing what kinds of things we have been thinking about together. We plan together what I tell adults. The only time I would share something from your session is if you told me that you or someone else was not safe. Then I would tell someone who could help. I would tell you if I was going to do this.

Am I too old for play therapy?

I usually work with young people up to aged 14.  If you like to create stories, experiment, make things with craft or art, build stuff, or do something with your hands while you talk, then you are not too old for play therapy.  You choose what you do in the room.

Can my parent stay with me?

The first time you come you and your parent can look around the playroom together. Your parent will stay with you until you feel settled. After that there are chairs just outside the playroom where your parent can wait and you can pop your head out to see them there anytime.