Once we have met to talk about your concerns about your child, we will build a package to suit your needs.  The initial meeting to gather background information, understand your concerns & plan a way forward costs £55.  Packages going forward are built from the following elements.

Play assessment

  • 4 play therapy sessions
  • Meeting with parents to feed back


Attachment assessment (CAPA)



information pending

9 play therapy sessions + meeting

9 one-to-one sessions with your child with one parent meeting mid-way or at the end, exploring themes of sessions and ways to support @ home


12 Filial Therapy sessions

  • Session 1 in playroom with child (observation)
  • Session 2 practising skills (without child)
  • Sessions 3, 4 & 5 sessions with child (email or phone feedback)
  • Session 6 review of skills & previous sessions (parent only)
  • Sessions 7, 8 & 9 sessions with child
  • Session 10 review of skills & plan for playing @ home (parent only)
  • Sessions 11 & 12 sessions with child

note: additional sessions may be added depending on needs identified at review points


Filial Therapy in schools

12 sessions as outlined above



Reports can be written to share information with professionals working with your child, or for use in meetings.  

note: Reports can't be written for court or legal use as trust is key for therapy to be effective.  If children know that what they share might lead to courts deciding on family changes, they will not feel free enough to work therapeutically.



Frequency & length of sessions dependent on your case load and requirements of your governing body

£50 per hour

Parent conversations

One hour conversations



The basic cost for a session is £55.  Recognising that this amount may not be possible for all families, coming to sessions fortnightly might be an option so that the cost is spread over a longer period.  Some children will manage this well, others would struggle to make good use of sessions with a gap in-between.  Please let us know if you would like to discuss this as an option for your child.